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Baby Geniuses is a podcast hosted by Emily Heller and Lisa Hanawalt. It's also a really good movie. Tell us something we don't know.
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Bongiorno, babies!!

This week on Baby Geniuses our guest is the delightful, passionate, knowledgeable, exquisite man GUY BRANUM! In one of our most informative episodes ever, Guy explains to us in no uncertain terms why we should all be worshipping Ruth Bader Ginsburg as the heroine that she is.

Then! Teen expert Nate Fernald McWilliams David gives us the three keys to understanding our most sought-after demographic. Mostly it’s about fruit snacks.

And also: fossil words! Weird facebook friends! Internet haters! LISA’S PUBES!!!! Will we get hoisted by our own respective petards??? Listen to find out!!

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